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Boat Insurance


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A boat is a big investment so it makes great sense to protect your investment by getting insurance for it. Accidents can happen on the water the same as they can happen on land. Boats are at increased risk for suffering weather damage, such as from high winds when on the water. Accidents can also occur when the boat is docked or in transit. Boat insurance allows you to protect your investment and it protects you from financial losses.


In most states the requirement is typically for liability coverage. Liability compensates other parties if you cause an accident. This can pay for a damaged boat or property repairs, medical bills and more. A lender may require collision or accident coverage, which will pay for repairs to your boat.


You purchase boat insurance the same way you purchase any insurance. In most cases, you can adjust your premium payments and purchase optional coverage. For instance, if you have a trailer for your boat, then the trailer may be insured separately. You can also purchase additional personal injury or personal property damage coverage if you think you need more. Before you do anything, it’s important to know the legal requirements and to then decide exactly what you need to meet your personal insurance needs.

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