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Critial Illness



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Critical illness insurance is a form of protection that protects a company from the full brunt of a cost of paying for an employee losing his or her ability to work the job. In most cases, a company will offer critical illness insurance as a part of a workplace benefits package to entice talent to the company. The promise is that the worker and his or her family will be taken care of under the plan if the worker ever suffers a career ending injury on the job.


The critical illness protection package is for any employer who is looking to allay the costs of possible injuries on the job. It is an especially important package for employers in high risk industries such as construction or manufacturing. However, a critical illness protection package can be created for anyone who is looking to protect a company from a large out of pocket expense based on employee injury.


The critical illness protection offers a payment to an employee on behalf of the company when she or he has been critically injured on the job. The company does not pay, the actual cash comes from the insurance company. The money is paid only if the company keeps the policy current by paying the premiums when they are due.


The different types of critical illness protection packages that are available mostly differ in their structure inside of the company that they are protecting. The number of employees and the nature of the business are things that can change the cost and type of protection.


The major benefit to a company is that it will not go bankrupt just because one employee suffered an injury on the job. The critical illness protection package will ensure that the company does not face any lawsuits from that injured party, protecting its legal interest

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