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Dental and vision insurance policies are designed to pay a portion or all of the costs associated with dental and vision care. They often supplement an existing health insurance policy, and can be purchased as an individual, or provided by the employer who pays all or some of the associated insurance premiums.


There are different types of individual, group, and family dental plans available that generally fall into three categories: indemnity, which lets the patient see any dentist who accepts the type of plan, PPO (preferred provider network), and DMHO (dental health managed organizations) where you are assigned a dentist or can only see in-network providers to use the plan.


Vision insurance works in a similar way to dental insurance. It is a policy that often supplements the patient's regular health insurance and is designed to reduce the costs associated with routine and preventive care such as eye exams and glasses. Vision insurance typically comes either as vision benefits package that provides eye care with fixed costs, or as a discount vision plan, which provides discounted care after annual premiums are paid for.

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