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Homeowners Insurance


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Homeowners insurance is insurance coverage for your home. You can get a policy for your residence or any home you own, even if you don’t live in it. If you are a landlord, then you will need landlord insurance for properties you rent to tenants. Homeowners insurance is not the same as landlord insurance.


The insurance you get for your home depends on several things. You might live in an area that requires flood insurance. Or you might live in an area that requires earthquake insurance. You should speak with your lender to see if they require insurance, and if so, what kind.


Types of Coverage


There are different kinds of home insurance packages available. Even the most basic policy will replace or repair personal belongings stolen from your home or damaged because of vandalism.  Certain structural damage is covered as well, but you must purchase flood insurance separately.


The main benefit of homeowners insurance is getting help when disaster strikes. Paying out of pocket for repairs and replacements can cost a lot of money. With insurance, you usually pay a deductible then the insurance pays the rest.


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